Mountain of sleep

by pete carr

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released November 17, 2013



all rights reserved


pete carr Melbourne, Australia

Peter melds a variety of influences, from early love of The Beatles to Elliott Smith, into a sound all of his own. New album Mountain of sleep is slowly making its way onto bandcamp..track by track!

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Track Name: Mountain of sleep
In a mountain of sleep
You pretend what you keep
Is the end of a rope you can pull
From the fields to the moon
It's a long way away
When the truth hits the wall
You can slip through the cracks
Like a snake in grass

But we can't live
Like a song
We can't live like the river

When the way isn't clear
Like a mind without fear
We begin
To expand like the sun
Icy rain on my tounge
It's a numbing release
If the prisoner rots
Will the floor in the forest remain

But we can't live
Like a song
We can't live like the river

Show me a hollow tree
Fill it with love
And bury the sea
Sink the remaining light
By keeping the burning bright

But we can't live
Like a song
We can't live like the river
Track Name: Crooked wires
One broken pattern
Invading the ocean breeze
The climates changing
The lake is a tower
In short stories
We see a pretender there
Hiding beneath the stairs

100 liars can't help it but tell the truth
This pain your feeling can't last any longer
Your heart is beating
your eyes are a golden rust

Ships burning on the shore
Black..blacker than before

Water not worth spilling
A rhyme that's not so willing
Biding time with poison in your veins

So build a better fire
And twist your crooked wires
The candlelight flickers without flame
So sink into the puddle
Get into a muddle
The emptiness quietens the dark
Track Name: You make bad luck seem so cool
You make bad luck seem so cool
In the morning you're still a fool
The late afternoon crawl
Is waiting
So throw confetti in my eyes
And wait for my surprise
The windows wait in line
Its nothing

Place your scars
On the window sill
Make it right
Before your blood is spilt

Dry the tears
With desert sands
You cant sleep
as the night commands
Afterall the plane will land
It's science
Drown your eyes
In a broken dam
When theres nothing
The day still stands
I can show you what you'd like to be
But I still doubt you wanna change

She won't get lost
In my own game
Track Name: I don't want to know
You can keep the truth sealed up and hidden
The lines are getting hard to tell
A vine is climbing up on heavens ladder
It's buried at the gates of hell
Your words can punch a hole
Through paper buildings
Your voice is like a ringing bell

Any trace of doubt
Will lead
You down the narrow path
Such a narrow path
Down the drain
So share that blame

Everything that matters doesn't matter
It's heavier than falling rain
A wish that doesn't last
Can keep you guessing
Guessing 'til the end of days
Painting on a canvas made of dark leaves
Will leave you with the mess you made

Any trace of doubt
Will lead
You down the narrow path
Such a narrow path
Down the drain
So share that blame

Walking through the exit
Calmer than a storm
Surely there's an answer
But hope will never tell
No place left to hide in
Buried underground
There's a home you're begging after
But I don't want to know
Track Name: Drown the sun
Slept through every station
Should have woken up
With your eyes half closed
Dead leaves clogging drains
Cigarettes on footpaths
Burning holes in hearts
Like this paragraph

Drown the sun
Drown the sun
Wash your eyes
And write down the things you've done
It won't be long now
Everyone we know is keeping score
Of the rainclouds

Cos everything's been good for us

Hold your breath in close
Snowed in by the weather
Close your eyes and dream
Of a glass half full
Start to speak your name
Fumble every sentence
Lost your way with words
Like this paragraph